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Re-Entry Resource Information for WI: Revised September 9, 2019

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Broken Yoke Ministries, Inc

In an attempt to provide information regarding sex offenders that is factual while at the same time serving to help protect, a committee produced a simple handout with information gathered from various sources titled Seven Sex Offender MythsThe Myths document is formatted in such a manner that if printed back to back and folded, it will make a simple handout.Additionally, a partner handout titled Red Flags is a useful discussion tool.NOTE: Some material is still accurate despite the dates.

Prison Aftercare Network of NE WI

  Contact information for Brown County

JDK Ministries

  SE Wisconsin Support Ministry

National Reentry Resource Center - Listings by State

  Find resources for each state by clicking on the map of that state

Lionheart Foundation

  Find resources for each state

Milwaukee Archdiocese Reentry Support

  Support links for SE Wisconsin 

Jobs for Felons Hub

   A real-time application for job availability

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