Re-Entry Resource Information for WI:

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Broken Yoke Ministries, Inc

A newresource for family and friends of someone incarcerated by Sr Juanita Ujcik:

Let None Walk Alone

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-a comprehensive, professional, easy to read book that provides information, stories, support, affirmation, suggestions and sites to find assistance. The example are real and the issues difficult.  Options are presented rather than answers given as each case and location are unique.  It covers brief encounters, extended stays, exit time and their related experiences.  It is non-denomination and not written for a specific geographical area.  The aim is to treat each person, both incarcerated and family member, with respect and encouragement so none walk alone.

In an attempt to provide information regarding sex offenders that is factual while at the same time serving to help protect, a committee produced a simple handout with information gathered from various sources titled Seven Sex Offender MythsThe Myths document is formatted in such a manner that if printed back to back and folded, it will make a simple handout.Additionally, a partner handout titled Red Flags is a useful discussion tool.